My Story

Hi, my name is Svetlin … and I am a super affiliate.


You probably wonder why I call myself like that… This is my story:

When I look a couple of years back I was in the beginning of my business studies. To be honest, I wasn’t very interested in the lectures and the subjects at the university, plus, I always thought that being successful is not that much related to university. I think it depends on the personality though. So back at that time I started looking for ways to make money.


I remember all those sleepless nights of lurking message boards and browsing sites on how to make money online & in affiliate marketing. Looking back I can honestly say that pretty much 99% of everything I’ve read was complete horse shit and a waste of time. The few people who do make money never tell you their secrets … and everybody else is either trying to sell you something or they don’t make any money at all.


So I started gaining information what to do and how to find the right niche. Well for sure I didn’t find it right at the beginning. I only had around 300 pounds to invest and I had to choose the niche very carefully. I decided to go for a “Piano self-teacher”. I created the website and started my online campaigns. A total failure… I spent around £50-£60 without a single sale.


However I won’t go on and tell you about every product that I failed in, I will only say that I’ve struggled a lot but I refused to throw in the towel and quit. I knew that people are making millions from this business and I was sure that I can make it too!

Just like everything else in life, fortune favors the bold. Eventually, after hundreds of disastrous campaigns in affiliate marketing I stumbled across an industry which I was really good in: Online Lead Generation!


I liked it so much because you don’t have to sell any products yourself. You just collect the data that the merchant wants to acquire and you don’t worry if they make any sales or not.

Steering clear of pay-per-sale and only concentrating on “potential customer acquisition” was the smartest move I’ve ever done, as the Internet is the PERFECT place to do it.


I found that I am really good in the financial markets and started collecting leads. Within a couple of months I was making much more money than the professors at the university 🙂

I was reinvesting my profits, expanding my campaigns, starting new products and gaining experience like a monster!

Shortly after that I was making MUCH more money, I must say that being successful at this young age and having accomplished all this by yourself is the BEST FEELING EVER!


Now I have such a great life and I love my job. I can work from my home. If I want I can sleep till midday and start working in the afternoon. I am my own boss. I can go to the gym whenever I want. If I don’t feel like working today, then I simply do something else and do not work.


Being self-employed truly is the best type of job anyone could ever have, and I did it because I never gave up! I freakin’ DID IT!


This was my short-version story and I hope it serves as a little inspiration to some of you who may still be struggling like I used to.


I’m not selling anything here, I got other things to do. This is my personal page and I created it for people who want to follow in my footsteps but may need something they can believe in.


If you feel like you hit that brick wall and are struggling like myself a few years back, why don’t you send me an email and I may be able to help you out.


I know what it feels like to wander in the dark, not knowing where to go and what to do. I’m not here to sell you something or ask for money. If you made it this far and found my page, all you have to do is ask and I will help.

If you want to become self-employed and achieve what I have achieved … just drop me a quick email and I’ll show you what to do.


Best wishes,